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Skill Shaper

Pinemarten Education Ltd.


Skill Shaper is a new way to make keeping a meaningful record of and using formative assessment easy.


One of the most important jobs that teachers do is providing detailed formative feedback to pupils so that they know where their areas of strength and weakness lie and what they can do to improve. The trouble is that, very often, that detailed feedback only exists in the students' book or folder. We may keep a summative record, but what happens to all of that feedback if the student loses a book, or if you need to write a report and you don't have access to their work?


Skill Shaper is a tool that doesn't just go a long way towards minimising these and other problems, it also creates new possibilities for classroom management and curriculum development at the classroom, department or whole school level. It's a tool that makes it easy to share strategies for individual pupils or groups across the curriculum and create clear visual infographics for simple and consistent reporting to parents and pupils.


Whether you are an individual classroom teacher looking for minimum input/maximum output ways to boost the effectiveness of your formative assessment, or a department head or school leader looking for ways to integrate 21st century skills across all areas of the curriculum, Skill Shaper is a tool that can help.



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